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19 Feb 2006 -  Remo  Dentato  

About YRX

   YRX is a regular expressions package aimed to ease the creation of lexical scanner, and other text transformation tools, in C.

  There are many of such tools ranging from regular expressions libraries to full fledged lexers (flex, re2c, ...); YRX specialty is to be:

  • Lightweight. Special care as been put in minimizing the size of resulting scanner.
  • Fast. Regular expressions expressive power as been sacrificed to gain the maximum execution speed.
  • Simple to use for C programmers. Text scanners can be embedded in regular C code with a switch-like syntax, a stream based input model allows you to transparently deal with files or text buffers.
    Also, a facility to express Finite State Machines in C is provided.

  I wrote YRX to satisfy some of the requirements of another project I'm currently engaged in, I make it publicly available in the hope it may suit your needs as well.

  YRX code is released under a very liberal license, you can use it anyway you want as long as you give me credits and don't blame me if something goes wrong! 

  If you have any comment or if you find any bug, feel free to write me directly or use one of the many facilities at SourceForge.


   There are two components in YRX: a regular expression library (rx) and a C preprocessor (yrx). The library has no dependencies and can be used by itself, the preprocessor relies on the rx library to work properly. Using the provided makefiles and build related scripts you should be able to easily compile yrx for your compiler/system.

  More details are available in the documentation page. To download it use SourceForge download page. You may also have a look at the SubVersion repository for the latest development version


  •   19 Feb 2006 - First public release.
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